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History of the German Pinscher
As at Dec 2003

German Pinschers, as a breed, originated about 400 years ago. They were bred as ratters and to guard stables.

The German Pinscher looks like a small Doberman but is in fact a more ancient breed. They originated in Standard Schnauzer breeding several hundred years ago. In these litters there were both smooth-coated and wire-coated puppies. The smooth were bred to the smooth (resulting in German Pinschers) and the wire were bred to the wire (resulting in Standard Schnauzers). The German Pinschers were recognised in 1879 in Germany and the Pinscher Schnauzer Klub was founded in 1895 in Germany. The Pinscher is the German equivalent of the terrier (Pinscher actually means terrier in German).

As mentioned above, they were originally bred to kill vermin in the barns, therefore they are very quick and oriented to sight and motion. The rural people prized the dogs for their hunting abilities. They were also taken to market to guard the wagons and were selectively bred for their guarding instinct.

They are good natured, playful and good with children. They are a very alert and loyal companion and they make good guard dogs. The German Pinscher is still considered a rare breed today.

History of the German Pinscher in Australia
Originally researched by Michele Beyer

Mike Towell (Deutschpin Kennels in Qld) imported the first German Pinschers to Australia in 1986. These two GPs were Australian Champion Puck V Cronsbach & Marie V Cronsbach. Both were from Cronsbach Kennels in German, who still breed GPs today. The first litter of German Pinschers in Australia was born in 1988. It resulted in 3 dogs and 4 bitches, like their parents, all black and tans. Three of these animals became the foundation for a successful first 12 years of breeding.

Marie and Puck were only bred once, but from this union came two father/ daughter matings (Puck and Ch Deutschpin Black Lace) before any more GPs were imported into Australia. These litters were bred by Anita & John Fryer who ran Masterkarn Kennels. They kept the interest in this extremely rare breed by frequent exhibitions in the show and obedience rings of their all black and tan animals. They were the only active exhibitor and breeder of German Pinschers at this time.

In 1992 Maureen Feltham of Meisterpin Kennels imported a red bitch from France, Gina de la Capelliere.. At the age of 2 years, Gina gained the title of Australian Champion. She had a total of 30 pups (5 litters) before being desexed in 1999. Of these litters, 24 pups (4 litters) were sired by a male from the first litter born in Australia,Ch. Deutschpin Black Baron, also owned by the Felthams. Together Gina & Baron produced 7 Australian Champions.

Baron had a record 38 pups, (6 litters). Four litters were with Gina; the other two litters were to his daughter Ch. Meisterpin Gretel. Baron regretfully died in December 2002. Gina is now retired having had her last litter to Ch. Mustang Des Jardins de L'Armonial (imp Fra) August 21st 1999. All of Gina's pups were red. Due to this, the red pinschers were dominant in Australia for the better part of a decade.

The next import was in 1993 and was a black and tan male from England. Australian Champion Kinrha Hickery Gem was imported by the Woodwells (Wallingberg Kennels, Qld). He came from a very well known kennel in the UK Kinhra, who did much work to develop the breed up until their retirement in recent years. Gem sired a total of 18 pups (4 litters). Most of his offspring were produced together with Ch. Deutschpin Night Shadow, a daughter from the first GP litter in Australia. The Woodwells had also imported frozen semen from Europe but these were pioneering days and no successful litters were produced. Ch. Kinrah Hickery Gem was leased for a number of years to Natasha McGuire (Flimk Kennels) in 1995 and sired a litter for this kennel to a bitch called Meisterpin Mietta, a Baron - Gina daughter. This union resulted in the birth of 8 pups. Natasha McGuire is no longer involved with the breed. The Woodwells have recently acquired another Pinscher after almost 7 years of non involvement with the breed. In 2003 they had produced their first litter from this bitch.

In 1997 Anita & John Fryer (Masterkarn Kennels) together with Wilma Williamson (Elstenberg Kennels, WA) imported a young red male from England, Lankirk Seriously Sloshed (Bundy). To date he has sired 2 litters. His first was to Ch. Meisterpin Sonata of Kaitler Kennels resulting in a stag red bitch. His second litter was to a bitch called Elstenberg Racy in Atlanta, in 1999. This resulted in the birth of 8 pups, all red in colour. Anita and John Fryer bred their last litter of Pinschers in 1994 and are no longer active in the breed.

Australian Champion Mustang Des Jardins de L'Armonail (Mustang), a red dog, was imported from France in 1997 by Elane Knox (Ashlaren Kennels). He sired a total of 24 pups from 5  litters. Two litters were with a bitch called Meisterpin Berdine (foundation German Pinscher for Ashlaren Kennels). One litter with his daughter, Ashlaren Marie Helene, one litter with Ch. Gina de la Capelliere and lastly to the second import of Ashlaren, Izba Werner Kindl of Austria. Mrs. Knox is no longer active in the breed. The male Mustang (now desexed) lives with Mr. Mike Towel in QLD and the bitch Izba is now owned by Denise Bonwick (Weeacre Kennels). Weeacres Kennels whelped their first GP litter in 2003 between Izba and Meisterpin Gustav (a Hickory Gem and Night Shadow son).

In 1997 Michele Beyer & Ashley Manton (Kaitler Kennels) bred their first litter of German Pinschers. To date Kaitler have bred a total of 11 litters (67 pups). These breeding were a result of Australian line together with a total of 5 imports. One of the imports produced a litter of puppies (iid){sire, Champ V Hause Zemp} which also helped with extending the gene pool. Kaitler Kennels also imported semen from Multi Ch. Natif de la Barque de l'esprit (Gmy), but it did not result in pups. Kaitler Kennels were the first Australian breeders to export back to Europe. Their imports to date include; Max & Ani V Hause Zemp (Switzerland), NZ, Aust & Nld Champion Haggith de la Barque de l'esprit (Netherland) , Asketvetans Anja (Sweden) & Lilla Enebys Sweet Serenade (Sweden). The Exports have been: Nz Ch. Kaitler Ace V Hause Zemp (New Zealand), Aust & Nz. Ch. Kaitler Electric Voltage (New Zealand), Ch. Kaitler La Lady (Switzerland), Kaitler Foreign Affair (America), and Kaitler Invoking Charm (Sweden).

In 2000 a new Kennel owned by Mrs. N Gordon (NSW) was developed. Nellinda Kennels bred their first litter from a Kaitler bred bitch, Ch. Kaitler Electric Dream, and Wallinberg Burbon Bill - a son Kinrha Hickery Gem. Using this dog helped revive the gene pool almost lost in Australia. This litter resulted in 10 pups. Wallingberg Burbon bill was the last of his line in Australia. Since this first litter Nellinda Kennels have bred a further 4 litters with a combined total of 36 pups.

In 2002 another German Pinscher kennel, FireDragon Kennels was started by Kate and Chris Graham. Their foundation bitch is Ch Kaitler Foreign Jewel (Kira). Their first litter was on the ground in 2003. The 7 pups were produced using frozen semen from Nwy Ch Pinbas Nero who lives in Norway, and Kira.

To sum up, Australia has to date produced a grand total of 229 pups and counting, imported 13 animals, produced 1 litter of 8 imported in dam and have had two attempts at frozen semen and 1 successful litter from frozen semen. There have been 6 exports from Australia.

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