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We are Chris, Kate and now Daniel Graham and we first became involved with German Pinschers in 2000 when Bones (Ch Kaitler Art V Hause Zemp (IID)) became part of our lives and our family.

We originally went looking for a medium sized, short coated (already being owned by a long haired cat, Dax, intelligent breed - and found German Pinschers J.

We were only looking for a pet, but were convinced to show (at least to get his title) the dog we got - Bones.

We found that we enjoyed showing - so were doing both conformation showing and obedience with Bones.

About 12 months later we decided to get a companion for him - and so Kira (Ch Kaitler Foreign Jewel) joined our family.

Kira was very quickly introduced to showing and obedience. She was also unofficially tested for herding instinct - and passed with flying colours J.

We started FireDragon Kennels in 2002 and imported semen from Nwy. Ch. Pinbas Nero for our first litter. That litter was born 3 September 2003 and was not only the first litter for FireDragon Kennels, but also the first successful Artificial insemination litter for German Pinschers in Australia.

We were also the first German Pinscher Kennel in Australia to be health testing our dogs right from the Kennels beginnings. Kira and Bones were both health tested, as all our breeding animals have been ever since then. They results can be found on our Health page.

Very sadly we lost Bones to meningitis in January 2003. This lead to Ryker - Ch Wallingburg Flame Throwa joining us mid 2003.

Our fourth German Pinscher is B'Lana's - Ch FireDragon Baltic Amber (AI) ET, a bitch from our second litter 'B' Litter. She joined us when she entered the world on 14 August 2004.

The most recent addition to our family does not have four legs! Our first skin kid, Daniel, was born 1 April 2005. He is teaching us a lot and keeping us on our toes J.

And we would not change him for all the tea in China J

PS: And if you are wondering, yes, most of our pets names come from Star Trek J Bones is Dr McCoy from the original series, Dax is Jadzia Dax from Deep Space Name, Kira is Kira Nerys from Deep Space Nine and Bílana is BíElanna Torres from Voyager


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