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'Nintu Fresh Temptation'

As well as the two GP's, we have a cat in our household. DAX.

He is an Australian Mist (see: http://www.australian-mist-cats.com). He is actually pedigree himself, however, he is not rated as show quality, as the colouring of the rings on his tail blurs (they are meant to be separate and distinct).

Bones and DAX actually got on quite well. You must understand that GP's were bred as 'raters' that is, they were bred to protect and guard stables. Anything that is small and moves is fair game. And believe me, GP's move fast enough that they almost always win.

Anyway, Bones and DAX had come to an agreement:
1. Don't run, but walking around is ok.
2. It is ok for Dax to sit on Chris's lap and get a pat whilst Bones sits on the floor and gets a pat as well.

Then SHE (Kira) came along and totally destablised the whole power balance. It doesn't help matters that DAX (being an Australian Mist) is so placid that he does not fight back...

So Bones and Kira gang up on DAX who know lives upstairs. It also doesn't help matters when DAX sits on the stairs teasing the dogs...

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