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This page is designed to give those considering breeding an idea of what is involved, both in costs and time/effort commitment needed. (For costs see the table below, for effort please see Work Involved).

As you will see, most breeders do not make much, if any money from a litter.

If you are hoping to breed to make money you are breeding for the wrong reason!

The main reason to breed should be to improve the breed.

From table below you can see that we test all our breeding animals for eyes and hips/elbows. In the future it is likely that Von Williebrands Disease and thyroid testing will also be added.

Health testing is not cheap nor is it an iron clad guarantee. However, it does help track possible problems and lets you breed with the healthiest animals you can. (Our health testing results can be found here Health).

The real work involved in having a Litter does not cover everything a breeder does during the 9 weeks of the bitches pregnancy, nor during the 8 weeks they have the puppies if it did it would be a massive document. It is just mean to give an overview and an idea of just how much is involved in raising a litter of puppies.

Note: It covers what FireDragon Kennels do with their litters. All breeders will be slightly different in their approach, but the basic concepts are the same.

Costs as of June 2005 in Victoria, Australia
Assumes that 10 pups are born and survive.

Description Cost
semen/stud cost 1000
VCA costs* 340
Dam eye test/annum 55
Dam hip/elbow test 297
Possible flights 800
puppies vaccinations (55* no of pups) 550
puppies microchip (50* no of pups) 500
puppies eye test (55+43* no of pups) 450
puppies dew claws (55+10* no of pups) 155
Ultrasound 77
First vet check 55
Puppy collars 200
Puppy manuals 50
Puppy toys 100
Worming 50
Food 475
equipment ?
emergencies (hopefully not needed) ?

*VCA costs  
membership/annum 65.5
kennel name/annum 27.3
litter rego (24.50*no of puppies) 245

Original equipment costs:  
Whelping box 600
blankets*4 100
feeding bowls 70
Toys 100
heating pad 30
sheets*4 20
scales 75
Thermometer 40
Nail polish 50
puppy pens 180


The owner of the Stud Dog will normally take care of the testing of their dog and thus their costs are not included here.

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