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If you wish to see pictures of our litters, then please click Here.

If you wish to see pictures of our puppies, then please click Here.

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This is Kira's ultrasound check for her second litter. She is about 28 days pregnant.

NOTE: This file is 16,756,040 bytes long. ADSL download will take 10 minutes approximately.


This is Kira with her first born from the second litter. She is about 20 minutes old.

NOTE: This file is 7,594,832 bytes long.


This is Kira with her first four puppies, then another with all eight.

NOTE: This file is 10,571,876 bytes long.


Kate holding a puppy that sounds more like a Tribble than a puppy. (There is nothing wrong with the puppy, they simply make sounds like that.)

NOTE: This file is 4,627,084 bytes long.


This is Kira feeding all of the puppies when they are 13 days old. The video is in black and white as it was shot using infrared, as it was very dark and you would not have seen anything if it was in colour.

NOTE: This file is 8,187,452 bytes long.


This is Kira feeding them again. It shows off some of the sounds that puppies make. In this case, they sound like a flock of Australian Parrots, known as Galahs.

NOTE: This file is 6,502,552 bytes long.


Some video of the puppies taking some of their (almost) first steps, again shot in infrared due to the low light.

NOTE: This file is 11,041,324 bytes long.


This video shows the puppies having one of their first drinks of puppy milk. You can see some of them have started lapping.

NOTE: This file is 12,812,212 bytes long.


This is video of the first puppy trying puppy porridge.

NOTE: This file is 5,975,004 bytes long.

All movies are in PAL VCD MPEG 1 format. This makes them suitable for burning onto a PAL VCD, which enables them to be viewed on a TV using most DVD players. Tools such as Nero can be used to create the VCD (Video CD). PAL covers Australia, New Zealand and most of Europe. The other main TV standard, NTSC, covers most other areas of the world such as Canada, Japan, US, South Amercia and a lot of the middle east. People from these regions will have to have either a full multi-system TV system or watch them on the computer.

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